Pre-Law Transfer Options

Complete your Associate of Arts in Pre-Law at CNM and transfer to UNM to earn your bachelor's degree.

Requirements for University of New Mexico (UNM) Transfer

The following course clusters are the unique requirements for each transfer major. All courses listed can be completed as part of your associates degree.

Liberal Arts - Pre-Law Concentration

  • COMM 1130 - Public Speaking or COMM 2120 - Interpersonal Communication
  • ENGL 2210 - Professional and Technical Communication
  • MATH 1350 - Introduction to Statistics
  • NATV 2140 - Research Issues in Native America
  • PHIL 1120 - Logic, Reasoning, & Critical Thinking
  • POLS 1120 - American National Government
  • SOCI 1110 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 2120 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems or  SOCI 2210 - Sociology of Deviance
  • One Modern Language Course

In addition to your associates you may also complete the following bachelors course requirements at CNM:

Complete four courses from the following list:

  • ECON
  • ENVS
  • GEOG
  • HIST
  • MGMT
  • PSYC

Complete four courses from the following list:

  • AFST
  • AMST
  • LTAM
  • NATV
  • RELG

Learn About the Pre-Law Program at CNM

The Pre-Law program prepares you to transfer to a four-year degree program in a law-related field. Earn an Associate of Arts and pursue work as a Mediator, Adjudicator, and more.