Forms and Instructions

1098T Tuition Statement

To access your 1098T Tax Notification Form, login to myCNM, click on the Cashier tab and then click on “Tax Notification” in the 1098T Information Box. Learn more about 1098T Forms.

Statements are typically available mid-late January for the previous calendar year.

Please click this link, W-9S, to complete the “Request for Student’s or Borrower’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification” form to provide CNM with your SSN or TIN if you did not provide it upon application.

The form can be returned:

Tuition & Fee Appeal for Dropping Classes

Visit the General Appeals information page.

Direct Deposit Instructions Guide

You can add or update your Direct Deposit information at your convenience by logging into your myCNM account. All changes to your account must be made 7 days before eRefunds are scheduled to disburse.

Payment Plan

The Payment Plan is offered via the Student Account Center in myCNM. Login to your myCNM account, go to the Cashier tab, click on “Pay Here - View Account Details” in the Make a Payment box.

You will be directed to a page and will need to click on the Student Account Center button. A new tab or window will be opened and you will be in the Student Account Center, where you can pay for classes, set up authorized users on your account, or set up a payment plan.

Prior Term Balances

If you owe a balance for a previous term and your account has not been sent to a collection agency, you can complete a payment arrangement Promissory Note that requires a 10% down payment and equal weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. This payment arrangement does not entitle you to register for future terms or access your transcripts; however, it does prevent your account from being sent to collections.

Two Factor Authentication

CNM has implemented Two-Factor Authentication when updating profile and refund account information, and editing text messaging options within the Student Account Center. This will help to provide another layer of security and protection of your sensitive financial information within our Student Account Center.

The following guides are available for reference:

Instruction Guides