Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board reviews proposed research involving human subjects to ensure projects adhere to ethical standards and federal requirements.

Recommendations for Research

The review board promotes ethical practice by and for the CNM community.

Recommendations for Research 

These recommendations apply to administrators and faculty who conduct research on campus, (for example, surveys and focus groups). They also apply to faculty who ask students to conduct research in their classes.

About the Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established to review all proposed research involving human subjects. We seek to ensure that an individual subject's rights and welfare are protected and all individuals are treated ethically.

The IRB is authorized to review, approve, require modifications in, or disapprove research activities conducted by or through the College using human subjects and to annually monitor compliance for research projects extending across academic years.

The committee also ensures federal requirements are met for the protection of human subjects. We maintain procedures and forms and propose appropriate revisions to CNM Administrative Procedures.

The role of the IRB does not include evaluating:

  • the soundness of the proposed research study,
  • the merits of the research design,
  • the potential contribution of the research to the scholarly literature,
  • the impact of the research on college resources or reputation.

The IRB only evaluates compliance with ethical standards concerning:

  • informed consent,
  • confidentiality
  • any risk to participants.

The decisions of the Institutional Review Board are final. If necessary, the board may request input from the appropriate Vice President or Associate Vice President.


The Institutional Review Board is composed of:

  • Faculty members from disciplines involving research with human subjects
  • One member from outside CNM.

The review process is administered through the Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE). Faculty members are recruited and recommended through the Faculty Senate. The Vice President of Academic Affairs assists in recruitment of IRB members who serve a two-year term. IRB records, including applications, membership lists, research reports, are maintained in the IRB facilitator’s office for a period of three years.