Dropping Classes or Withdrawing

Dropping or withdrawing from classes can affect your financial aid.

If you drop a class or classes prior to their census date, (found in the front of each semester’s schedule of classes) you will have to repay the aid you received for the course(s) in addition to any other charges you incur, such as bookstore charges.

If you drop a class after the census date, you will not owe the money back but the dropped class will affect your completion rate.

In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes, you must maintain a cumulative completion rate of 66.67% for the classes which you register for. Each time you drop a class (after the census date) your completion percentage drops.

To find out exactly how dropping a class will affect your specific financial aid file you will want to contact Financial Aid directly.

Returning Title IV Funds for Part of Term Classes

Part of Term classes are classes that do not span the entire length of the standard 15-week term. 

New federal regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, section 668.22) were passed July 1, 2011, that change the way Return of Title IV is handled for any term that consists of classes that span less than 15 weeks. 

Any student who does not complete all of the days in a term that the student was scheduled to complete may be considered as withdrawn for that term and subject to the Return of Title IV regulations. 

If the student provides notification to the Financial Aid Office that they will attend a future Term II class within the same term, our office will postpone the return of Title IV Funds withdrawal process. 

If a student provides notification that a future class will be attended, but does not return as scheduled, then the student will be considered withdrawn. The withdrawal date and calendar days in the term will be applied as if the student had not provided notification of a future date of attendance. 

If a student returns without notice, the student will no longer be considered withdrawn and their Title IV aid will be recalculated. 

CNM’s policy is that if a student is considered withdrawn for Title IV purposes, they will not be able to add/drop classes for that term without first meeting with a financial aid office staff person.