Article 33: Compensation

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Full-Time Faculty


Effective October 7, 2023, all eligible full-time faculty will receive a  6% increase to their annual salary.

If the Governing Board, during Academic Year 2022-2023, grants an out of cycle wage increase to the total population of non- represented employees, and the parties are not already engaged in collective bargaining, the same wage increase with the same effective date will automatically be granted to full-time faculty, unless the Union or the College requests to change a term or condition of employment that must be negotiated. In the event that the Union or the College requests to change a term or condition of employment, the parties shall commence negotiations immediately following approval of the wage increase granted by the Governing Board to the total population of non-represented employees. If out of cycle negotiations are opened, they will be limited to wages and one other item.        

The participation agreement extra compensation rate shall increase to $36 per hour.

33.2 Philosophical Agreement of the Parties


The parties agree that by accepting this Agreement, the issue of CNM being a three term versus a two term institution is now resolved.  This language in no way prohibits the Union from advocating or proposing pay increases for employees in negotiations for successor agreements.


In order to maximize the opportunity for instructors to reduce their summer workload, the following conditions shall apply.


Rather than continue the current method of docking an instructors pay on a prorated amount for each course the instructor is allowed to not teach during the summer term, the instructors rate of pay will be reduced by a fixed replacement cost amount for each hour reduced that is part of a full course. Workloads can only be reduced by a full course under this provision except hourly reduction is available in Health Occupations. The total amount of course reduction using this method cannot exceed the complete full-time summer term workload.


The replacement cost per contact hour is based on the attached summer term replacement cost schedule.


For an instructor to be eligible for a full reduction for the summer term the instructor must make a request in writing to their dean by August 1st in a given year of the year preceding the summer in which they wish to reduce their workload. Reduction of less than a full summer term should be requested as soon as known to the instructor and may be approved at the discretion of the dean. For an instructor to be eligible for the summer reduction rate he/she must carry a full workload in accordance with the workload appendix for the fall and spring terms immediately preceding the summer of the requested reduction.


The dean shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the request of the instructor for a reduced summer workload received by August 1st, in a given year and shall not deny such request without a verifiable operational reason for doing so, such as, but not limited to, no suitable part-time replacement instructor. Once an individual has committed to a summer workload reduction in a given academic year, subsequent requests during that academic year for additional summer course(s) will be granted at the discretion of the dean.


When courses cannot be filled with suitable part-time instructors to the satisfaction of the dean, such courses shall be offered to suitable full-time instructors on a voluntary basis. The dean shall assign courses from the available volunteers. When there is an insufficient number of full-time volunteers, or the dean determines that the volunteers are not suitable to teach the course. The deans judgment on suitability is final and not subject to challenge except in the case of a verifiable operational reason when the employee has submitted a request for summer course reduction by the deadline in # 33.4.3 above.


Sick and personal leave accruals shall be reduced on a prorated basis according to time worked when an instructor reduces his/her workload. No leave is earned for working an overload but earned leave can be used while working overloads.


When an instructor does not work some or all of the summer term, CNM will continue to pay the employers portion of the insurance premium.


With dean approval an employee who receives a grant may choose to be compensated for the grant by course release or overload pay at the current extra compensation participation agreement rate.


There shall be no other pay increases during the term of this Agreement other than those contained herein.  In the event of shared course work, team teaching arrangements and other non-traditional assignments, pay rates are subject to the approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Human Resources Executive Director.  

33.5 Two Term Faculty


Full-time three term faculty may apply to permanently change their status to that of a two term faculty member.  The College and the departments will make reasonable attempts to comply with such requests.  In the event a faculty member applies and is selected into a two term position, the following conditions shall apply.

  1. The faculty member’s two term rate of pay will be calculated as a three term employee who is taking the summer reduction option offered in accordance with the provisions of  33.3 and this amount will become his/her new base rate of pay.

  2. The faculty members leave accrual will be prorated on a two term basis. No leave is earned for working an overload.

  3. The faculty member shall be eligible to work in the summer term and, if selected to do so, will be paid the overload rate. The parties recognize that there may be valid operational reasons other than teaching, that cannot be accomplished by other means, for asking the faculty member to come to campus during the summer term.  


When full-time faculty vacancies are advertised and filled, the College shall make a determination as to whether the needs of the College are best filled by a two or three term faculty and will fill the position accordingly.