Article 34: Faculty Schedules And Class Assignments

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Full-Time Faculty


The parties acknowledge the desirability of collaboration in developing the individual faculty member's course schedules and assignment of classes. Each department shall develop a process that allows faculty members to request specific courses and schedules to the development of the final schedule. At the sole discretion of the Dean, Seniority may be used as a method for determining which faculty member receives a particular course when two or more faculty members have requested that course, during the initial development of the schedule.


The parties recognize the desirability of limiting the duration of an employee's work schedule to a maximum of eight (8) hours per day consistent with the programmatic needs of the College. This provision shall not be interpreted to deny an employee's request for overload or to work longer hours when requested by the employee.


The parties agree that course schedules that are spread out more than five consecutive days, meet on Saturday and Sunday, and have ending times beyond 9:30pm are normally considered undesirable by full-time faculty. To the extent reasonable, these courses should be scheduled through voluntary assignments.


In the event a faculty member's schedule is changed, the faculty member will be advised of the change in a timely manner via phone or e-mail.