Article 35: Involuntary Workload Reduction

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Full-Time Faculty

In a given term employees may have their regular workload reduced in the event the College determines classes do not have sufficient enrollment and alternative courses or assignments are not available. In the event the reduction results from the Colleges determination that a class or classes have insufficient enrollment, the affected employees will receive prompt notice. The provisions of the Reduction in Force Article of this Agreement do not apply to this situation.

An employee may be assigned an alternative course or an alternative department assignment in order to avoid the need for an involuntary regular workload reduction. If there are no unassigned courses available, the following process will be utilized:


If fully qualified, an employee shall be assigned a course that has been assigned to a part time instructor, if available, in the same academic discipline within the employees department. If fully qualified, an employee may be assigned to a course that has been assigned to a part time instructor in another academic discipline, if available, within the department.


In the event a course(s) is not available, the employee and the Dean shall meet to determine the feasibility of an alternative assignment such as, but not limited to, textbook review, curriculum review and development, program assessment, or research. If the Dean and the employee agree upon alternative duties, those duties shall be assigned to the employee.


The affected employee may be assigned courses in another department for which the employee is fully qualified if such courses are available.

An employee on involuntary workload reduction during the summer term and for whom an alternative assignment has not been made, shall have their pay calculated as if they had requested and been approved for a reduced summer workload.

An employee on involuntary workload reduction during the fall and spring terms and for whom alternative assignments have not been made, shall be paid on a pro rata basis.

The provisions of this Article shall also be applicable to program offerings that change from three (3) to two (2) terms. However, prior to the department officially re-designating a three term program to a two term program that would affect the annual faculty regular workload, the department shall discuss the proposal with the affected employees who shall have the opportunity to provide recommendations.

Employees on involuntary workload reduction may continue in that status for an indefinite period, but shall be assigned a full workload prior to the recall of a laid off employee within the same academic discipline and department, who is judged to have relatively equal skill and performance.