Article 20: Job Descriptions

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Part-Time Faculty


The parties agree that job descriptions are intended to provide a general description of the duties to be performed by the incumbent, not an all-inclusive list of duties. Part-time faculty members are responsible for performing the work assigned to them as long as it falls within the general description of those duties.


During the life of this Agreement, the College may modify job descriptions on an as-needed basis. The Human Resources Department will provide the Union copies of the modified job descriptions in a timely manner when requested.


Upon request by the Union, the parties shall meet to discuss modifications to job descriptions. The Union may make recommendations regarding the content of modified job descriptions and duties.


If, during the term of this Agreement, the Union develops concerns that an instructor is being assigned duties as a regular assignment that are not reasonably related to the instructors job description, the issue may be raised for resolution by the Faculty Management Committee.