Article 21: Work Schedules

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Part-Time Faculty


Developing the master class schedule is the responsibility of management.


Management may change work schedules in order to meet the operational needs of the College.


In those departments where management has historically consulted with part-time faculty regarding teaching assignments, management will make reasonable efforts to continue this practice.


In order to assist CNMs faculty scheduling process, faculty are prohibited from trading schedules or arranging alternative scheduling without prior approval from the Dean or designee. Those faculty who wish to trade schedules must receive the Deans or designees authorization prior to initiating discussions with other faculty.


During the term of this Agreement the parties agree to use the Faculty /Management Committee to address concerns that may arise regarding the scheduling of part time faculty. This provision also applies to part-time faculty working in multiple disciplines.


Qualified part-time faculty may teach courses in multiple departments at the College with proper approval. Instructors who teach in more than one school must notify the Deans of all schools of their total campus teaching assignments within two (2) business days of receiving such notification of receiving an assignment in an additional school. Final approval of the total workload is subject to the approval of the deans of all of the affected departments. The provisions shall not be interpreted in such a manner as to prohibit any particular workload.


The parties acknowledge that the definition of part-time faculty contained in this Agreement (Article 2 Section 2.5) was created by the parties to eliminate workload limitations imposed simply because of someone's status as part-time faculty. This language is included for informational purposes only, not to change the original understanding of the parties regarding this subject. Final approval of the total workload has always been, and continues to be, subject to the approval of the deans.