Article 22: Health and Safety

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Part-Time Faculty


The College shall continue to provide healthy and safe working conditions for all employees.


The College shall continue to comply with all health and safety laws, rules and regulations promulgated by appropriate regulatory agencies.


Part-time instructors may temporarily remove from class any student who threatens, intimidates or harasses either the instructor or other students and disrupts the classroom and the learning process.


The College will conduct an investigation of any such actions and may prohibit the student from returning to class until a hearing has been held.


If a part-time faculty member continues to feel intimidated and/or harassed or is fearful, the College will attempt to provide a mutually agreeable plan to insure the safety of the faculty member which may include a security escort on campus.


The parties agree they have a mutual interest in improving and upgrading faculty space, facilities, and resources. This includes developing and/or maintaining programs for working parents. The parties further agree to assess the status and plans in these areas during the faculty management committee meeting in order to make recommendations for improvement.


The parties will collaborate to study the feasibility of creating a centralized information hub, pertaining to new COVID-19 pandemic/epidemic policies, for the purpose of housing information important to faculty, that would also serve as communication center, to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of information needed by faculty to support student success.