Article 4: Vacancies

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Part-Time Faculty


Vacancies for employee positions in the part-time faculty bargaining unit shall be posted on the Human Resources website for at least ten (10) days prior to the final date for the submission of position applications and/or letters of intent unless an operational need dictates otherwise.


Each vacancy posting shall contain at least the name of the position, the major responsibilities of the position, the school, the academic discipline, and applicant qualifications needed for the position. Applicant qualifications will include minimum requirements and preferences.


Each vacancy will be filled with the applicant the College determines to be most competent. The College recognizes the positive contribution that faculty members make to the interview and selection process for faculty positions. During the term of this Agreement, the Academic Schools will continue to use faculty, which may include part-time faculty, to assist with the interview and selection process as they determine it to be in the best interests of the College. First consideration for selection will be given to current employees when qualifications and experience are equal in the judgment of the hiring committee who make the recommendation. Consideration will be given to internal applicants’ performance records contained in the applicant’s official personnel files. The final authority for all hiring decisions rests with the dean or the dean’s designee.


Part-time faculty members can become a full-time faculty member only if they apply and are officially selected into a full-time position. Selection into a full time faculty position is the exclusive determination of the College and shall not be subject to grievance or review.


Part-time faculty who apply but are not chosen for a full-time position may request a meeting with the Dean, or Dean’s designee, in order to discuss how to better prepare for consideration for a full-time position.


Part-time faculty, who through their participation in the College’s Framework Professional Development Program that is referenced in Article 18, earn a program credential from that program, will, all other things being equal, be given preference as identified by the hiring committee, when applying for a full-time faculty position at CNM.


The College retains the right to reassign qualified employees based upon the needs of the College. This includes but is not limited to reassignment to different campuses as deemed necessary by the College.