Article 5: Faculty Evaluations

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Part-Time Faculty


A purpose of evaluation is to enhance the quality of instruction and provide faculty with feedback.


After a part-time faculty member has attained veteran status it shall be the goal of the College to provide the part-time faculty member with a performance evaluation on a College approved format.  The evaluation may include student evaluation, management/supervisor observations and/or peer observations. Veteran part-time faculty shall be evaluated at least once every three years.


Student feedback shall not be used as a basis for a negative evaluation of a part-time faculty member’s overall performance unless management substantiates the data.  This language shall not be interpreted to prevent the inclusion of such feedback in the evaluation. No unsubstantiated anonymous or unsigned student authored information will be placed in an employee’s official file unless it is part of the evaluation portfolio/instrument.


Before submitting the written formal evaluation to the part-time faculty member’s file, supervisors shall provide the part-time faculty member with an electronic copy of the written evaluation. A hard copy will be provided upon request. Supervisors shall hold a conference with the part-time faculty member who wishes to discuss his/her evaluation.


Part-time faculty members may submit a written response to any formal evaluation that is placed in the employee’s official personnel file.  The response shall be attached to or be part of the evaluation.


Evaluations shall remain confidential and used by the College only for legitimate business purposes. Every effort will be made to notify the employee and share recommendations for improvement for all performance and conduct concerns before the concerns are documented in the evaluation.


The parties agree they have a mutual interest in aligning the faculty evaluation process to the overall goals and mission of the College and to making the evaluation process as meaningful and constructive as possible. The parties further agree to study application of the part-time faculty evaluation process in the faculty management committee meeting in order to make recommendations that will make the system as effective as possible.