Crestron AirMedia devices allow wireless access to projectors or large screen displays in many of CNM's classrooms and conference rooms.

CNM’s Wireless Networks & AirMedia

ITS continually makes improvements to CNM’s wireless computer networks to meet the growing need for wireless device connectivity.  Many of CNM's classrooms and conference rooms provide wireless access to the projector or large screen displays. Although you may find instructors using Google or Apple devices in their individual classrooms, the most common wireless solution is Crestron's AirMedia. Here are instructions for how to display your device through the AirMedia system:

1.  On the device, open a web browser and navigate to the IP address that is displayed in the top left corner of the screen displayed by the projector or classroom monitor.  In the example below, you would enter in your browser's address bar.  If using a smartphone or tablet, you must download the app from the appropriate store. Continue with the instructions by using the app instead of the browser.Screenshot of screen displayed by the projector or classroom monitor.

2.  Now you should see in your browser something like the screen below.  Select the appropriate download button for your computer (Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac) and click the button to run the application.  The application requires no installation and will startup immediately.Screenshot of browser screen on AirMedia website. There is a download button next to the text, "Client for Windows. To the right is another download button next too the text "Client for Mac."

NOTE:  When used on a Mac, the AirMedia client application must be run from within the disk image file.  Do not drag the application out of the disk image file.

3.  Once the client application is downloaded, content can be shared.  The Login screen is displayed.

Screenshot of AirMedia login screen.

4.  Enter the code displayed on the AM-100 welcome screen in the Code field and click Connect.  The client establishes a connection between the computer and the AM-100 while displaying the presentation control screen on the computer.

Screenshot of AirMedia short controls screen with code number in the top right corner.

5.  Direct the presentation with the following controls:

Screenshot of the Air Media Control Panel. Image of a square with text that says, "stop showing laptop screen." Image of a play button with text that says, "start showing laptop screen." Image of a pause button with text that says, "freeze laptop screen." Image of an x with text that says, "close Airmedia application." Image of a box with horizontal lines in it with text that says, "display additional options."

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