RTC Status

The Return to Campus System has links to the Health Self Assessment form and proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

If rtc.cnm.edu redirects you to this page, then the RTC service is temporarily unavailable. Check your CNM email for any incident status updates from the ITS Department.

You are required to submit a Health Self-Assessment Checklist online if you are experiencing COVID-19- related symptoms or if you test positive for COVID-19. 

If the RTC system is unavailable, you may use the digital PDF version of the Health Self-Assessment.

  1. Fill out the PDF form.
  2. Email the completed PDF to your supervisor or instructor. 

✅ Health Self Assessment PDF Form

If you answer Yes to any of the questions on the Health Self-Assessment Checklist, or if you start feeling sick during your shift or class, go home and follow the steps below:

  1. Email your instructor or supervisor.
  2. Email Human Resources at CovidCaseTeam@cnm.edu