Add a Field

Add fields to your form folder to build your form.

Some of the most common fields you can add to your form are:

  • Checkbox Field: Add a checkbox to your form, prompting the user to agree or disagree with the information you provide.
  • Multi-Select Field: Create a section on your form that houses various options for your user to select.
  • String Field: A one-line, compact field that allows the user to input brief information.
  • Text Field: Similar idea to a String Field (collecting information the user types in), but a larger text box. This is useful when prompting a user for a few sentences of feedback.
  • The Mailer Adapter and Save Data Adapter are areas of your form that allow you to set who receives email notifications of user-submitted data.

Add a Field

After you create your form folder, follow these steps to add a field:

  1. Select Contents from the side menu to see the contents of your form folder.
    Screenshot of the contents of a form folder. It has six fields listed in a grid from top to bottom: Mailer, Name, Email, Request, Spam Check, Thank You.
  2. In the example above, you can see that the test folder contains six different fields, which can be edited. These fields collect information; other fields of similar nature can be added. 
  3. To add a new field, select Add new... from the side menu and the field you'd like to add. 
    Screenshot of the Plone editing menu with the dropdown Add new... selected and a list of fields from top to bottom: Captcha Field, Checkbox Field, Date/Time Field, Decimal Number Field, File Field, Image, Label Field, Mailer Adapter, Multi-Select Field, Page, Rating-Scale Field, Rich Label Field, Save Data Adapter, Selection Field, String Field, Text Field, Thanks Page, and Whole Number Field. There is also a Restrictions... option.
  4. All fields will include a Field Label or Title at the top and a Save button at the bottom. Some fields may contain a Required checkbox if you require people to respond to the field. When this is selected, the new field appears on your form with a red dot next to it indicating to the user they must fill out this field to proceed.
    Screenshot of a finished form with required items (Name, email, and Spam Check) marked with a red dot.