Multi-Select Field

Add a multiple selection field on your form.

The Multi-Select field lists a number of options for the user to select. As the name implies, the user can select multiple options from the options you create. The Selection Field is a closely related field, but this field only gives the user the ability to choose one option. Please refer to the Add a Field or the Edit and Delete Fields pages for more information on fields.

The various options you have when configuring the field (after you either add or edit it) are:

  • Field Label: Add a title to the multi-select field.
  • Field Help: Add a guide to the multi-select field.
  • Format: Plain Text or HTML options. Note: Leave as Plain Text.
  • Required: Check this box if you require a selection in this field.
  • Default: Include text in the field when the form loads. Note: This is not recommended or encouraged.
  • Rows: Set the number of rows in the dropdown menu.
  • Options: Fill in this box with the names of choices your user will have; each option should be on a separate line.
    • For example, if you want the field to have two options, one for "Option 1" and the other for "Option" 2. Write "Option 1" in the box, then press enter or return for a line break, and then write "Option 2".
  • Presentation Widget: Use this to switch between a selection list (drop down) and a checkbox list.

Below is an example of what the field looks like when added to your form.

Screenshot of a form with a Multi-Select Field that has a title that says "Multi Field Title" It has text underneath that says "This is where you tell the user what to do" There's an option box with options listed from top to bottom: option 1, option 2, option 3, option 4, option 5, option 6.