String Field

Use the string field to collect information in a form.

The string field is used for allowing users to enter unformatted text information into your form in a limited fashion. Creating multiple strings is useful for collecting directed information, such as answers from your user requiring single words or brief sentences. 

Please refer to the Add a Field or the Edit and Delete Fields pages for more information on fields.

The various options you have when configuring the field (after you either add or edit it) are:

  • Field Label: Add a title to the text field.
  • Field Help: Add a guide to the text field.
  • Format: Plain Text or HTML options. Note: Leave as Plain Text.
  • Required: Check this box if you require an entry in this field.
  • Placeholder: An option for including ghost text (text that disappears when a user adds text to the field) is useful for additional user guidance.
  • Default: Include text in the field when the form loads. Note: This is not recommended or encouraged.
  • Max Length: Limit the number of characters that can be added to the text field.
  • Size: Limit the width of the text-entry box.
  • Validator: Validate the entry against known patterns. Note: We do not recommend setting validation on form fields, as it generally leads to users having trouble submitting the form.

Below is an example of what the field looks like when added to your form.

Screenshot of a form with a String field that has a title that says "string field" It has text underneath that says "tell user what to do here" There's a text box with ghost text that says "user, type your feedback here."