As a contributor, you can add, edit, and publish content on pages.

Contributor Actions

The majority of your work will be to maintain the content of the pages on your website. Pages can contain text, pictures, and links (to pages, documents, or email addresses).

As a contributor you can:

Page States

There are five page states that show up on the gray side menu. These states help you to understand what the public can and can't see on the site.

Viewable to the Public

  • Published State: Published icon.
  • Pending Deletion: Page will remain viewable until Web Content approves deletion. State: Pending Deletion icon.

Not Viewable to the Public

  • Draft State: Draft icon.
  • Pending review: Changes are under review and won't be viewable until approved by Web Content. State: Pending review icon.
  • Private State: Private icon.