CNM Branding

The term "branding" is the practice of using symbols and design to create an identity for an organization. CNM uses the following colors, fonts, and logos for visual brand identity.

If you have any questions about CNM branding, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office

Official Logos

The logo is CNM’s primary graphic symbol. Please observe the following when using the CNM logo:

  1. The official CNM logo must be used on all brochures, flyers, and other publications for internal and external audiences, as well as checks, forms, and signs.
  2. As with printed logos, all electronic CNM logos have established clear zones of 1/2”. No other type or graphic element should fall within the clear zones.
  3. Affiliation and partnership logos related to a department’s mission may be used with, but may not overshadow, the CNM logo.

Blue Single Line
Blue Single Line
Black Single Line
Black Single Line
Blue on White Single Line
Blue on White Single Line
Blue Double Stack
Blue Double Stack
Black Double Stack
Black Double Stack
Blue on Yellow Double Stack
Blue on Yellow Double Stack
Blue Logo Only
Blue Logo Only
Black Logo Only
Black Logo Only
Black on White Logo Only
Black on White Logo Only

Official Colors

Primary Colors

The primary colors for CNM branding are as follows:


PMS: 654 C
PMS: 288 uncoated (spot color)
CMYK: 100/71/10/47
HEX: #003A70
RGB: 0/58/112


PMS: 7408 C
CMYK: 0/29/100/0
HEX: #F6BE00
RGB: 246/190/0

Secondary Colors

The following colors are secondary in CNM branding:

Sky Blue (Accent)
Sky Blue (Accent)

PMS: 298 C
CMYK: 67/2/0/0
HEX: #41B6E6
RGB: 65/182/230

Orange (Accent)
Orange (Accent)

PMS: 166 C
CMYK: 0/76/100/0
HEX: #E35205
RGB: 227/82/5

Magenta (Accent)
Magenta (Accent)

PMS: 214 C
CMYK: 13/100/36/0
HEX: #E30563
RGB: 227/5/99

Official Fonts

The use of novelty and script fonts is discouraged in most instances because they are difficult to read.

CNM’s Official Fonts

CNM’s official fonts for use in publications are:

  • Mission Gothic Bold or Black (headlines and sub-heads)
  • Mission Gothic Regular or light (body copy)
  • Sanchez Semibold (headlines and sub-heads)
  • Sanchez Regular (body copy)


If CNM’s official fonts are not available to use, please use:

  • Arial (headlines, headers)
  • Garamond (body copy)
  • Myriad Roman (headlines, headers)
  • Times (body copy)
  • Times New Roman (body copy)

Web Typography

The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing, and letter-spacing.


The typeface for headers is Sanchez Bold and they are always hex #003A70 (Navy Blue). Font sizes are as follows:

  • H1: 45px (used for page titles)
  • H2: 31px (subheadings)
  • H3: 22px (smaller subheadings)


Link-state colors are as follows:

  • Active: Navigation blue #0257A6
  • Hover: Navigation blue with underlined text
  • Visited: tinted blue #2B84D6

CNM Seal

The CNM Seal

The seal is the most formal institutional identifier. Its use is limited to diplomas, transcripts, and legal documents. Individual offices, schools, and departments may not create seals for their own use.

Department or School Identifiers

An identifier is created by the marketing design team at the request of a department or school. Departments and offices may use identifiers on stationery, apparel, and other items.

The only acceptable forms of identifiers are:

  1. The identifier may only feature text below the logo.
  2. The identifier must follow the appropriate color scheme as shown in the color section.