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New Phone System, New Choices

Update: 9/26/2018 - The final pieces of the new system puzzle are being added!  The Contact Center and ITS Service Desk phones and software have been installed and are in use.  The ITS department will start receiving phones next week.  After comprehensive testing, we will start rolling out demo units and start training for the rest of the school. 

Update: 6/18/2018 - Contact Center setup is complete including call routing and structure. Agents and reporting need configuration.  Emergency Responder module is complete. Voicemail module is complete.  Waiting on CPU hardware components and integration with Avaya system work to be completed. CPU component order and shipping have been expedited, but still no firm delivery date. 

Update: 6/11/2018 - Work continues on the new system infrastructure with network and server configuration nearing completion.  Current challenge to completion is a delay in purchasing upgraded Central Processing Units for the new system.  An additional challenge is configuring and testing the old system to run side-by-side with the new system until all staff can be converted to the new system.  

Over the summer, the CNM ITS department will be upgrading the system for voice communication.  CNM Faculty and Staff have an opportunity to choose a voice communication end point that matches their personal work habits.  Like having a physical phone sitting on your desk and punching in the number you want to dial?  You'll want to choose a desk phone.  Prefer to put on a headset and click a number in Outlook to place a call?  You'll be interested in the softphone app for your computer.  Always on the move and prefer to get calls on your smartphone?  The Cisco Jabber app is for you.  As the system develops, we'll have demos of the devices, software and features of the new system.  Watch this space and News Link for announcements and progress reports or email more information.

Managed Printer Support at CNM

To help us use our printers more efficiently and ensure that the entire printer fleet is always up and running, CNM has contracted with Staples as our Managed Printer Services provider.