Design Standards and Guidelines

The purpose of the Design Standards and Guidelines (DSG) Manual is to establish and employ a set of baseline standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of physical facilities at Central New Mexico Community College. It is intended that these standards represent a holistic balance between affordable, up-front construction costs and long-term, life-cycle costs.

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CNM owns, operates, and uses facilities for many years, therefore durability, maintainability, and operational efficiencies are crucial. The flexibility to adapt these facilities based on changing needs in the future is essential. Just as important, CNM operates in a competitive market and is largely responsible for funding its own capital development with limited resources. To remain competitive, CNM must ensure that its capital development costs are not disproportionate or prohibitive.

The ongoing process to maintain and update the DSG Manual is a multi-stakeholder, multi-department effort. The technical content of this Manual represents the culmination of input from many individuals and various campus entities who regularly review these standards and integrate current needs and industry practices. Procedures are in place to continuously receive input and issue revisions to the Manual as needed to ensure that it remains relevant and effectively meets the goals of a highly successful College. This revision process is one of the most important components of this living document and is dependent upon the engagement of all interested campus stakeholders.

CNM is now developing the DSG manual. As sections become available, we will post downloadable pdf files here.

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Table of Contents


Sites and Campus Locations

Design Criteria

01 General Standards

02 Site

03 Architectural Design Standards

04 Mechanical General Design Standards

05 Mechanical Equipment

06 Building Automation and Control Systems

07 Electrical General Design Requirements

08 Risk Management and Safety Design Considerations

Remodeling of Existing Facilities

Working on City and County Property

Specifications – CSI Divisions 01 – 33

00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements

01 General Requirements

02 Existing Conditions

03 Concrete

04 Masonry

05 Metals

06 Wood Plastics and Composites

07 Thermal and Moisture Protection

08 Openings

09 Finishes

10 Specialties

11 Equipment

12 Furnishings

21 Fire Suppression

22 Plumbing

23 Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning HVAC

25 Integrated Automation

26 Electrical

27 Communications

28 Electronic Safety and Security

 31 Earthwork

32 Exterior Improvements

33 Utilities