Request Classroom Change for Academic Sections

ADA Accommodations

Requests for instructors must be made through Human Resources.

Phone: (505) 224-4600

Accommodations for students must be made through Accessibility Services.

Phone: (505) 224-3259.

To allow students to easily find their classrooms and minimize student confusion at the beginning of each term, individual instructor classroom change requests are processed after the start of the term. Classroom assignments are frozen from the start of student registration through the 9th day of the term (prorated for shorter terms). During this time, class cancellations are also being processed which may cause more classrooms to become available to instructors wishing to change their room assignment.

Exceptions to this policy may be authorized by an associate dean for the school.

  • To request a classroom change, submit the classroom change request form online (see below links for each school). Changes may only be made between rooms of the same type (classroom to classroom, computer lab to computer lab) unless authorized by the Dean.

  • Fill out all form fields with the required class information and click the submit button. The request form is sent to the academic school and an email confirming receipt of the request is sent to the requestor.

  • After the 9th day of a full term (prorated for shorter parts of term), the request is processed. If another classroom is available at the requested scheduled time, the request is granted, the room assignment is changed, and notice is sent to the instructor requesting the change. The school is responsible for posting the room change and notifying satellite campuses so the room change can be posted at that campus. Please be sure to post a room change sign on both the new classroom and the old classroom door.

  • The instructor is notified if the change cannot be made and the reason.

Please keep in mind that very few classrooms are available at peak times (Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Available classrooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis.