COVID-19 Health Withdrawal Policy

Students who are unable to remain in their academic program due to health needs related to COVID-19 have the option of requesting a Health Withdrawal through the Dean of Students Office.

Please Note

CNM faculty are working with students to provide alternatives for students to be successful in classes during this time. Please consider reaching out to faculty to learn about opportunities for completing courses before deciding to withdraw from courses.

Health Withdrawal

A Health Withdrawal is a voluntary withdrawal from in-progress, current term courses due to a COVID-19 health condition affecting you or a family member. It applies to all of our programs, whether on-campus or online.

The voluntary withdrawal is available if such a health condition significantly interferes with your ability to function successfully within CNM’s programs.

The Health Withdrawal form must be received before the last day of class for the course(s) from which necessitate a withdrawal.

Withdrawal Process

Tuition costs that were paid for courses not fulfilled during the term in which the withdrawal occurs may be refunded per the college’s withdrawal/tuition refund policy.

If classes were paid using financial aid, veterans benefits, employer reimbursement, or an external scholarship, students will need to contact these organizations to understand the impact of not completing the classes.

For a Health Withdrawal, students will receive a “W” on their academic transcripts if the withdrawal is submitted after the withdrawal period. If the withdrawal occurs during the refund period, you will be dropped from classes without any notation on the transcript. “W” grades do not impact GPA.

Returning from a Health Withdrawal

CNM wants to ensure that students can successfully return from a Health Withdrawal. Students shall follow current CDC guidelines related to returning to school. Please check this website for additional information before you return to school.

Request a COVID-19 Health Withdrawal