Student Testimonials

TRIO students and alumni talk about how the program has helped them further their education.

TRIO Helped Me Navigate CNM

By: Kristin Tubb, 2015

TRIO helped me navigate CNM and find out what options I had when it came to my challenges. TRIO also helped me learn to reach out to other members, my professors and staff. I think that is one of the greatest gifts because by reaching out, I learned how to advocate for myself. This was priceless when entering UNM. I believe that TRIO was a great resource. Magda and Robert helped me find the right path to what I wanted to do with my education. I am graduating from UNM in May with a BA in Psychology, minor in Sociology and a concentration in BAC (which is a substance abuse counseling program). I have a GPA of 3.57 and am very proud of myself. Thank you TRIO!

TRIO Became My Office on Campus

By: Talal Saint-Lot, 2015

After joining, TRIO-SSS at CNM quickly became my office on campus, where I could check email, write papers, and print. Having a space that I knew I could rely on made a tremendous difference in my sense of belonging at CNM. The student organization that TRIO supports also contributed to my sense of belonging because it provided a vehicle to accomplish things outside of academics that were important to me such as volunteering for Big Brother Big Sister and other organizations.

Realizing that having a space to work at when on a university campus is really important and helped me better adjust to UNM because I knew to seek out those resources that I had previously received from TRIO-SSS at CNM.

TRIO staff first helped me build up the confidence that I could transition to a 4-year university. Then they helped support me through the process by providing letters of recommendation, assisting with the statement of intent, and connecting me with people at the 4-year institution.

I became much more motivated because of the support provided to me through TRIO and I was able to take 21 credit hours my last semester and get all A's!

TRIO can change the world by creating opportunities for others who otherwise would not have one.

Since my time at TRIO-SSS at CNM, I've been involved with several other programs at the University of New Mexico from ethnic center student services to specialized federal programs like TRIO. However, since that time I've yet to experience the high level of loving support that the TRIO staff at CNM provide to their students.

A Stress-Free Environment

By: Candace Luther, 2015

My sense of belonging changed as a result of my participation in TRIO Student Support Services at CNM because I felt that I established a new family. Everyone was always willing to help each other. Even when we needed a shoulder to cry on, we were there for each other.

This change played out for me because it was a stress free environment. TRIO helped me prepare for my transition to a 4-year university by informing me of all the resources available to me compared to a community college. There were so many differences in my academic success because I was involved in different activities. I attended workshops that were very informal and attended an event in Santa Fe where I brought home a list of different resources. What I expect for my future is that I will be more successful in my academic goals and my future career in life.

A word of encouragement is "Never give up, never surrender because it will all be worthwhile."

I'm already working my dream job!

By: Monica Martinez, 2015

Ways TRIO helped me:

  • Having a sense of belonging made me more self-confident as a student and as an individual. My self-esteem boosted tremendously. I made a lot of friends within TRIO and will be forever grateful. 
  • Because my self-confidence and worth has increased, I've been more outgoing and raising my goals. I feel I could not have done this with the self-esteem I had before. I successfully completed my MA in School Counseling and Community Agency Counseling, something I doubt I could have accomplished if I didn't believe in myself, especially when things got really difficult. 
  • I learned that I am a visual learner and was able to adapt my lessons so that my learning involved more hands on activities to further my learning experience. My expectations of myself grew as I became more confident. TRIO really challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. 
  • I challenged myself with upper-end classes, including some Master's level classes as an undergraduate. If it were not for my involvement in TRIO, I would have never considered it as an option. 
  • I'm already working my dream job as an elementary school counselor. I expect my dreams will just be icing on the cake!

Become as involved in TRIO as much as possible. You have a limited window of time to learn many lessons that you might not learn anywhere else, especially about yourself.  Meet people, get connected. Some people may become lifelong friends!

You Gave Me a New Start

By: Georgia Kincaid, TRIO Alum

I came full of fears
You opened doors for me
I had hard times & you were there
TRIO means three
TVI (CNM), you and me
Now my fears are mostly gone
You taught me to see the dawn
Taught me how to relax
To set goals and know the facts
I thank you with all my heart
Because you gave me a new start

The Tutors Have Given Me a Distinct Advantage

By: John Bridges, TRIO Student

I have been a student at CNM for almost two years. I really enjoy going to school here and feel that I am receiving a quality education from CNM. The folks at TRIO have been GREAT!!! I am proud to be a TRIO student and I am very thankful for all the help they provide. The tutors have given me a distinct advantage with my goal of being a successful student. I meet with them on a weekly basis and am grateful for all the guidance and support they have given me. I will continue to see them in the future and there is no doubt that they have contributed greatly to my collegiate career. I work as a work-study and recommend both CNM and TRIO strongly on the campus tours I give to prospective students. Thanks for giving me the honor to speak out on my experiences here at CNM and TRIO.

The Education Dream is Achievable

By: Stephanie Lee, TRIO Student

When I started at CNM Community College, I was very uncomfortable. I tried a few times to go on to furthering my education before without success in completing any of it. I had been out of school for quite awhile and wondered if my brain muscle was still wired for learning. How would I get through the things that outside life was going to toss my direction while the inside life of school was taking place?

My first term on campus I was lost. I was lost as to who to go to for help when I needed it and what classes I should start with. It had been suggested by another student that I might want to find out what TRIO was; so I did.

TRIO has helped me achieve my dream. They offered information pleasantly while on my hunt…I was no bother to them. They offer workshops meaningful to a student's life, a facility with computers and staff on campus at a less hectic and easy to access area, and consistent and constant availability of staff for advising and tutoring in a welcoming open space.

They physically, mentally, and emotionally assisted the dream strength of my graduation goal by actively working to help bring my mind to a healthier learning position.

It was not only probable but possible and provable to believe that the education dream is achievable. They empowered my strengths with encouragement and minimized my weaknesses by helping me see that even with weaknesses I have learned much.

It Was One of the Best Decisions I've Made

By: Amanda Rubio, TRIO Alum

I have been attending CNM for a full two years now and I'm loving it! I am a full time student completing the Liberal Arts Degree and the Paramedic Certificate. My grades were good and I was getting by but when I started the Chemistry 121 course it was difficult. Then I remembered that TRIO offered tutoring services for their students. I then decided to try it out. I met with Isaiah, the Chemistry/Biology tutor. It was one of the best decisions I've made. Isaiah helped me so much. He doesn't just help you figure out the problem but he explains things to you until you understand why you are doing what you are doing. I passed chemistry 121 successfully. By the midterm I was failing. With Isaiah's tutoring, I went from a "D" to an "A." I highly recommend the tutoring services at TRIO to everybody.