A Deep Dive Bootcamp Allowed This Grad to Find a Rewarding Job That Makes a Real Impact

Michael Sanchez upskilled through the Java + Android bootcamp and now works for a technology leader that’s helping both students and teachers
August 15, 2023

For his first career, Michael Sanchez worked in hospitality. He was successful, but wanted a job that would have a larger impact. He knew about CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive bootcamps and a networking event eventually pushed him to enroll.

“I talked to some bootcamp graduates at a networking event, and they had only great things to say about the instructor Nick Bennet who teaches the Java + Android bootcamp,” Michael says. “They also explained that Java is one of the most used programming languages, so there would be plenty of job opportunities. From there, the choice was easy.” 

In the 12-week bootcamp, Michael learned about essential computer science concepts, learned how to build, test, and deploy Java applications and Android apps, developed technical documentation skills, and more. 

Even though Michael didn’t come into the bootcamp with a coding background, it didn’t take him long to find his footing.

“I’ve always loved technology and taking things apart and putting them back together, so I wasn’t super intimidated,” he says. “But because I didn’t have as many technical skills, I dedicated a lot of time to reading and practicing my coding to get the outcome I wanted.”

In addition to the technical skills, Michael is grateful for the career development opportunities built into the bootcamp curriculum.

“It’s not common to have a program that not only teaches you the technical skills you need, but also offers networking opportunities, test interviews, and resume reviews,” he says. “This really set me up for success when it came time to look for a job. You also leave the bootcamp with a portfolio, which is a great tool to showcase your coding ability.”

Currently, Michael is a business analyst on the Salesforce team for Learning A-Z, a Cambium Learning Group Company. In this role he troubleshoots issues and automates and enhances features to create a better user experience.

As for his goal of having a career with a greater impact, Michael knows the work he does helps further Learning A-Z’s mission of ensuring comprehension, inspiring curiosity, and instilling the joy of learning for all students. 

“I believe that working for a company that has a mission I align with is critical, and education is very important to me,” he says. “Learning A-Z impacts millions of teachers and students, and I would never have dreamed of working somewhere like this had I not enrolled in the bootcamp.”

The next Java+ Android bootcamp runs Sept. 18 - Dec. 8 and the deadline to apply is Aug. 25. Learn more!