After 10 Years of Waiting this Student is Now Graduating With 3 Computer Science Degrees

Anita Martin had to delay her dream of studying Computer Science but is now fully on her way to successful career in this field
June 01, 2023

Anita Martin has always loved computers and dreamed of getting a job in the field. But after high school she needed to enter the workforce and had to put her dream on hold.

It took her 10 years of waiting, but in 2019 Anita finally had the opportunity to pursue her passion and chose to enroll in CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Java and Android Bootcamp. She loved that bootcamp so much that she went on to enroll in CNM full-time and is now working on three Computer Information System degrees with concentrations in Computer Programming, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing and Systems Administration.

“I had so much fun in the bootcamp that I didn’t want to stop learning so I decided to start working on my associate degrees and I’ve been at CNM ever since,” Anita says. 

When asked what she’ll do with three degrees Anita has an easy answer.

“All of the specialties I’ve studied have ended up intertwining in some way or another, which is one of my favorite parts of computer science,” she says. 

In class Anita has been plenty self motivated but it’s also helped that her instructors are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about what they’re teaching.  

“I really clicked with the instructors at CNM,” she says. “They are all so smart and have always made class fun, even when we were online full-time during COVID.”

Along with her studies Anita has been active in campus life and most recently served as the president of CNM’s HackerSpace Club. 

As the HackerSpace president she focused on not only providing relevant industry opportunities for members, but also on networking and relationship-building opportunities. 

“I’ve learned that networking is just as important as having technical skills, and I wanted to share that with the club members,” Anita says. “Anyone is welcome at HackerSpace, even if technology isn’t your thing. It's a safe environment to meet people and learn new things.”

After graduating from CNM at the end of the Summer Term Anita will complete a programming internship with the New Mexico Association of Museums and then plans to earn her bachelor and master’s degrees at New Mexico Highlands University. 

Looking back on her educational journey, Anita is thankful for the many opportunities she’s had at CNM and wants to encourage others, especially Native students, to explore technology as much as possible. 

“Technology is only growing, and it’s not going anywhere,” Anita says. “It’s also a powerful way to help yourself and others in your community succeed.”

If you're interested in learning more about the Hackerspace club, please email Kerry Bruce, faculty advisor for the Hackerspace at