Albuquerque-Based Cyber Security Firm Actively Recruiting CNM Students for New Positions

Cyber Security Works, which provides cyber security for a list of global clients, is set to fill several new positions in 2022 and many CNM Computer Science and Computer Information System students are eligible to apply
January 11, 2022

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a robust web presence has become absolutely crucial for every type of business and institution. Everything from shopping to education to health care has become even more digitized.

This move online has opened up innumerable opportunities, but it’s also increased vulnerabilities. Hackers looking to exploit the increased traffic have grown in number and in aggression.

That’s where Cyber Security Works (CSW) comes in. This Albuquerque-based cyber security firm now works with a host of local, national, and global clients to both analyze and reduce their cyber risks. The company is growing exponentially and hopes to hire for several new positions this year. Many CNM students and alumni from the college’s Computer Science and Computer Information Systems programs have the needed qualifications and Cyber Security Works is actively encouraging them to apply. 

“Cybersecurity is the fastest growing segment of the job market and finding skilled talent is a challenge for every organization. CSW is excited to partner with CNM because of their high-quality programs and emphasis on cybersecurity,” says Aaron Sandeen, the CEO and Co-Founder of CSW.

Right now, CSW is hiring for two different positions where CNM alumni and students close to graduating will qualify. The first is a Penetration Tester position where the employee uses many of the same methodologies as an outside hacker to show a company where their cyber vulnerabilities are. The second position is a Vulnerability Management As a Service (VMAAS) Engineer that also looks at broad vulnerabilities and helps companies shore up their security holes before a hacker can get in. 

Both positions are entry-level but come with starting salaries around $60,000 and all employees at CSW get benefits including a Presbyterian health plan and 401K. There’s also plenty of room to grow. New employees go through a robust CSW training program and the company helps anyone who wants to work toward higher-level cyber security certifications. 

“We are absolutely committed to helping our employees continue to grow and learn,” says Andrea Edmonds, the CSW Chief Financial Officer. 

CSW is poised to continue growing (and will continue to need more employees) not only because of the increased move online but also because the company offers several important services. For example, CSW is one of just a few cyber security firms in the country that’s authorized to create broad communications about large-scale vulnerabilities. It also specializes in helping state governments beef up their complicated and multi-level cyber security programs.

“We’re excited about the work in front of us as a company, and we’re glad to be able to work with colleges like CNM to offer well-paying high-tech jobs right here in Albuquerque where incoming employees can immediately make a difference,” Andrea says.

If you’re a CNM student who’s interested in applying to CSW, you can contact CNM’s Job Connection Services department for help with résumé writing, cover letters, and interview skills.