CNM Automotive Student Gets $1,500 Worth of Tools as Gift From Alumnus
George Frudakis, right, receives the toolbox donation.

CNM Automotive Student Gets $1,500 Worth of Tools as Gift From Alumnus

The gift was a total surprise for student George Frudakis
April 20, 2021

After graduating from TVI, alumnus Brett Barber went on to have a successful career as an auto mechanic. He was known for his skills and for always trying to find an affordable fix for his customers.

Unfortunately, Brett recently passed away. His last wish was to give his tools to a fellow mechanic who could put them to good use. To make sure that happened, his wife Noreen Daugherty reached out to the Automotive Technology program at CNM and asked the instructors to find a deserving student. 

The professors got together and eventually picked George Frudakis. George currently has a 4.0 GPA, will be graduating this Spring, and will be able to put the new tools to use almost immediately. 

The complete tool set is valued at $1,500 and George says he was shocked when he was told about the gift.

“I couldn’t believe that it was me. I was speechless, it’s too nice,” he says.

George, who’s also completed his ASE certificate, plans on applying to a Mercedes Benz dealership after he is done at CNM. To show his appreciation, he wrote Noreen a heartfelt thank you letter and explained how the tools have set him up for success. 

“The tool chest is going to be a big help,” he says. “Tools and toolboxes are very expensive so this will give me a great start to my career.”