CNM Breaks Ground on New State-of-the-Art Student Services Facility

Located at the intersection of Coal and University, this new building will play a key role in achieving CNM’s mission to streamline student services operations and enhance the student experience
January 26, 2023

CNM is proud to announce that construction has officially begun on the new Student Services Facility (SSF) building on Main Campus. The building will be approximately 43,000 square feet and will be the new home for the essential, front-facing student services currently located in the Student Services Center. 

In addition to essential services, the SSF will also feature consultation areas, staff workstations, meeting and event spaces, and student support spaces. The SSF has been specifically designed to create both an enhanced first experience for students and a place where they can receive easy-to-access support throughout their academic careers at CNM.

The design of the building was part of the college’s “CNM 2025” initiatives that prioritize investments in people and infrastructure. 

“If you’ve been on Main Campus recently, you’ve seen construction activity starting in the Ted Chavez Hall parking lot,” CNM President Tracy Hartzler says. “The Student Services Facility will provide students with a more welcoming and modernized environment where they can easily access the support services they need throughout their CNM journey.”

Inside the building there will be large, collaborative spaces that can be modified as student needs change, along with interactive technology and staff who will move around the space to help students. 

The entry point to the SSF was purposely designed to be across the street from CNM’s Workforce & Community Success offices so that students will also be able to more seamlessly access work-based learning opportunities that will boost their employment prospects.

In addition to creating a  more streamlined student experience—from enrollment to graduation—the SSF’s location on the corner of Coal and University will facilitate increased pedestrian and vehicle access and help the SSF serve as a welcoming and vibrant front door for CNM’s Main Campus.

“The intersection of Coal and University will be a new hub of energy focused on empowering our students with the social and economic mobility that also elevates our community,” President Hartzler says.