CNM Earns Reaccreditation from Higher Learning Commission for Next 10 Years

Through an extensive reaccreditation process, Higher Learning Commission validates the quality of CNM’s academics and institutional soundness
March 04, 2024

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the regional accrediting body for Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), has approved CNM’s reaccreditation for another 10 years after a comprehensive review of the College.

Through its accreditation process to ensure quality higher education, the HLC validates the quality of an institution’s academic programs, teaching and learning, and examines the quality of the institution as a whole, including the soundness of its governance and administration, adherence to mission, the sustainability of its finances, and the sufficiency of its resources.

Approximately 55 percent of HLC-member institutions do not meet one or more of the HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation and require additional monitoring. CNM, which has been an accredited community college since 1978, successfully met all the HLC’s criteria with no need for additional monitoring.

“This HLC reaccreditation for the next 10 years is a testament to the outstanding work of our talented faculty and staff – day after day and year after year – and their passionate commitment to the success of our students, our community and our college,” said CNM President Tracy Hartzler. “We’re thrilled that our current and future students, and our community, can rest assured that the quality of a CNM education and the institution overall has been thoroughly evaluated, verified and endorsed by the Higher Learning Commission. Of course, CNM could not succeed without tremendous support from the CNM Governing Board, our community members, our students, our many partners, and the New Mexico Legislature. We’re very grateful for all the support we receive.”

In its accreditation report, the HLC stated: “The commitment to student success, community wellbeing, and organizational excellence is a hallmark of CNM’s ethos. This dedication is evident through active involvement in strategic planning, meticulous progress tracking using metrics, and a conscientious approach to budgeting.” 

Why is accreditation important? As a nationally accredited community college, CNM students can be assured that the quality of the College’s programs, classes and instructors have been evaluated and validated by external experts. Being an accredited college also means that CNM can offer students federal financial aid and that students can easily transfer CNM credits to another college or university.

“The CNM Governing Board is very proud of the College’s reaccreditation for the next 10 years,” the Board members said in a joint statement. “This is great news for students and our entire community who count on CNM to be a high-quality, affordable community college where New Mexicans can successfully achieve their education and career goals. We also appreciate the great work of the College’s faculty, staff and administration who made this reaccreditation possible.”

After a comprehensive review of CNM data, processes and documentation, five HLC Peer Reviewers visited CNM in October to conduct interviews of faculty and staff across the College. Their final report was vetted and approved by the HLC Board of Trustees.