CNM Fire Science Students Complete Live Burn Exercise

The current Fire Science cohort recently traveled to Socorro, New Mexico for live burn training, giving them valuable hands-on learning experience
November 28, 2023

Students in CNM’s Fire Science degree program recently traveled to the New Mexico Firefighter Training Academy in Socorro to do the live burn part of their training. That day, our photographer caught up with the students as they faced flames that leapt dozens of feet into the air and worked to put out flammable liquid and petroleum gas burns. You can view a full photo gallery of the training below.

Several of the students in this cohort are volunteers who are enrolled in the CNM program for additional training, and two are on their way to becoming full-time firefighters. An Albuquerque Fire Rescue cadet also joined the students that day for training.

When the CNM students graduate they will have fulfilled their national Firefighter 1 and 2 certifications and will be better prepared to enter the fire academies run by local departments. Once hired, their associate degree will also help them as they start to climb the leadership ladder.