CNM Grads Help Tech Startup Launch Innovative Industrial Monitoring System
IoT graduate Arjun Bhakta at the Telemetry Insight office with their pump jack monitors

CNM Grads Help Tech Startup Launch Innovative Industrial Monitoring System

Telemetry Insight hired five graduates from CNM Ingenuity’s Internet of Things program and the students now make up a core piece of the company’s development team
May 31, 2023

Telemetry Insight, a growing Albuquerque-based tech company, understands the value of well-trained employees. As an early-stage startup, they need people who not only have the right skills, but also the enthusiasm to work for a company that’s fast paced and innovative.

Luckily, they’ve found many of those people in CNM Ingenuity’s Internet of Things (IoT) bootcamp. Since last summer, they’ve hired five graduates and also sent one of their own employees through the bootcamp for upskilling. Right now CNM grads hold key positions in nearly every aspect of the company. 

The CNM graduates who work or have worked at Telemetry include Arjun Bhakta, John Valdez, Clint Wolf, Devon Palma, Ben Klein, and Cyntelle Renteria. Isaac DeLeon was the Telemetry employee who went through the IoT bootcamp for upskilling. 

“We’ve been really impressed with the students coming out of IoT and they’ve already played a crucial role,” says Shelley Barratt, Telemetry’s Chief Operating Officer. 

To launch, Telemetry Insight founder and CEO Randy Krall designed and developed a device that monitors the motion of pump jacks in oil fields. The Telemetry devices, which are set up at the wells, transmit data to help companies determine if the pumps are running efficiently or need to be fixed.

For many companies this is a big step forward because many wells are monitored by humans, and pumpers can only check so many wells in one day. More efficiency at the wells means more efficiency for the company and savings for the consumer at the gas pump.

“Companies get notifications via Telemetry Insight’s dashboards or daily reports so that they know where to focus their attention,” Shelley says.

Going forward the plan for Telemetry is to expand their offerings. By building on the existing platform, the company may be able to offer devices that monitor other large-scale devices such as industrial air conditioners, or maybe even wind turbines. 

Right now all of Telemetry’s devices are built in house but they’re growing fast enough that they’ll soon be able to outsource production. As the company grows, so too will the responsibilities of their employees who came from CNM.

At the moment one of the CNM grads oversees the entire IoT team and another has been key in helping Telemetry develop its algorithms. The company asks its employees to work hard because they’re growing so fast, but Shelley says the CNM grads have thrived.

“Working here is fun because we have that startup atmosphere where we’re always working as a team to come up with innovative solutions,” she says. 

Going forward Shelley says Telemetry will continue to hire grads from CNM who can help them continue to scale the company as it moves further into data analytics.

“Randy and I have talked a lot about how CNM is nimble and can develop programs like IoT and Data Science that meet the demands of businesses operating out in the real world,” she says. “It’s been amazing to have a college that can respond so quickly and help us meet our workforce needs.” 

The next IoT bootcamp runs June 19 – Aug. 25 and the application deadline in June 12. Learn more