CNM Ingenuity and MediaU Partner to Empower Independent Filmmakers with Hands-On Marketing and Distribution Course

With the guidance of current Hollywood movie marketing executives, this course will help independent filmmakers successfully market and promote their films
January 19, 2024

CNM Ingenuity and MediaU have joined forces to elevate independent filmmakers by helping them better reach the target audiences that can catapult their creations to new heights. 

MediaU is a film school dedicated to helping creatives break through and get their films discovered. Through this collaboration between MediaU and CNM Ingenuity, an arm of Central New Mexico Community College that provides support for entrepreneurial endeavors, independent filmmakers will have access to MediaU’s Marketing and Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers course. The course will equip filmmakers with the knowledge and tools to effectively market and promote their films.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with CNM Ingenuity to provide this very practical mentoring and training experience, especially with the continued growth of filmmaking and production in New Mexico,” says Adam Leipzig, CEO of MediaU. 

Led by current Hollywood movie marketing executives, Russell Schwartz and Katherine MacDonald, this course delves into the intricacies of movie marketing and distribution. Students will learn how to identify their target audience, create an effective press kit, implement low- to no-budget marketing strategies, and develop a comprehensive marketing plan. 

“The goal of this class is to pull back the curtain on marketing and distribution and help independent filmmakers reach their target audience,” Adam says. “It can be difficult as a creative person to shift from filmmaker to marketer. This course helps individuals make that shift and hopefully find success in the project they’ve poured their time and talent into.”

Additionally, the Marketing and Distribution Roadmap course is now available on Unmudl, a platform connecting learners with non-credit courses from top institutions. This accessibility expands the reach of the course, benefiting filmmakers not just in New Mexico, but across the country.

Moving forward, Adam hopes the partnership between MediaU, CNM Ingenuity, and Unmudl will continue to grow to help independent filmmakers develop highly applicable filmmaking and production skills.

“We want to continue to expand the courses and programs that we offer at MediaU and through CNM and Unmudl so that creative people who are motivated and ready to do the work can have successful careers,” he says. “Our entire approach is to tackle filmmaking in a practical way, and we are already building more courses to help give students the tools so they can make a living doing what they love.”

Ready to enroll in Marketing and Distribution Roadmap for Independent Film Makers? Click here to enroll through CNM Ingenuity or enroll through Unmudl.