CNM Ingenuity Launches Large Scholarship Fund for Individuals Interested in Technology or Upskilling Programs
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CNM Ingenuity Launches Large Scholarship Fund for Individuals Interested in Technology or Upskilling Programs

The fund will pay up to full tuition for learners with a financial need or who are working toward a job that creates a positive economic impact here in New Mexico
February 16, 2022

Thanks to a new funding opportunity it’s never been easier to enroll in one of CNM Ingenuity’s broad list of accelerated and immersive trainings and bootcamps. Funded by the Training For Your Future Funds, these scholarships cover tuition for almost all of Ingenuity’s programs and will be given to students with a financial need or those who want to upskill or reskill in one of New Mexico’s priority areas for economic development. These economic areas include everything from healthcare to cybersecurity to solar and digital media. 

“Ingenuity’s skills-based trainings and bootcamps are purposely designed to meet the needs of a fast-evolving job market. We’re thrilled to now make these in-demand training opportunities available for a new group of learners who will undoubtedly go on to make important contributions to the economy here in New Mexico and across the country,” says Mary Gallivan, the Executive Director for Ingenuity’s programs.

Each year Ingenuity introduces a host of new trainings and over the past six months has focused on providing more technology and digital media options because both sectors are experiencing skyrocketing growth. In addition, Ingenuity launched a new Leadership Academy that includes modules on the future of work and data science for leadership. 

Ingenuity will also continue to offer its wildly successful coding bootcamps as well as a number of other trainings including an online class for solar electric basics and the electric lineworker pre-apprenticeship training. 

Electric Lineworker Pre-Apprentice Program

For the first time ever, national participants will be eligible for funding thanks to the Training For Your Future Fund. Those learners can take any of CNMI’s hybrid technology classes, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and Rapid Prototyping bootcamps. 

“We just launched our seventh IoT cohort and over the past couple years we’ve seen a number of students create truly inventive products,” says Brian Rashap, the lead instructor for IoT. “I’m excited for what the next group of students will think up using the training we provide in this bootcamp.”

To apply for a scholarship based on need, applicants will need to provide a detailed description of that financial need but will not need to submit tax forms. Applicants who don’t have a financial need but will use the Ingenuity trainings to upskill will need to demonstrate how their work will make an economic impact in New Mexico, either at their current job or after they complete the training. 

Learn more about the Training For Your Future Funds and apply for CNMI programs here.