CNM Ingenuity Launches New Short-Form Bootcamps in Video Production, Animation, and Game Development

These new courses, which can be completed in as little as four weeks, are designed to help people learn in-demand skills and so they can immediately enter the workforce or skill up at their current job
February 03, 2022

Digital Media skills are in high demand across job sectors as every business’s web presence grows and as digital entertainment continues to expand. To meet this need, CNM Ingenuity currently offers an in-depth Digital Media bootcamp but has also launched three new short-form Digital Media bootcamps that just focus on one aspect of the training.

The new bootcamps are designed for employees at a business who want to upskill in a certain area or for job seekers who want to concentrate on a particular segment of the Digital Media field. 

“Digital Media production is very important to the film industry, but it’s also a critically important communication tool to almost any industry you can think of including education, healthcare, scientific research, and the list goes on,” says Rod Sanchez, the CNMI instructor who oversees all the Digital Media bootcamps. 

For businesses that want to tap into animation—a skyrocketing field that’s being used in everything from TV commercials to social media marketing—CNMI is offering a bootcamp that meets on just Thursdays and Fridays so that both in-house employees and new students can be freed up to attend. In the bootcamp students will learn the basic animation production pipeline and be taught how to use the leading business animation software. From storyboarding, script writing, to production, the course will help students produce a professional quality digital portfolio that can immediately be put to use. 

Anyone who wants to focus on video production and editing can take an intensive four-week bootcamp that meets Monday-Friday and covers basic studio and on-location video/audio production and editing. Students will also learn video production techniques in CGI (computer generated imagery) using green screen compositing and LED panel technologies.

Because the digital game development market is expected to exceed $200M by 2023, CNMI is also offering an intensive four-week bootcamp in game development. In this bootcamp students will get an in-depth course in digital game design/development and leave with a playable digital game built via the game engine Unity. Students will learn the basics of digital game design, game psychology, and game mechanics. 

The new bootcamps begin as early as April and run through the summer. Thanks to new funding, there are also many scholarships for students who have a financial need or can show how their work will benefit the New Mexico economy. 

“Here at CNM Ingenuity we’re always committed to finding accelerated and smart ways to teach people the skills they need and these breakout bootcamps are an exciting new way to meet the demand,” says Andrea Sisneros-Wichman, the Deep Dive Program Director. “We have no doubt they’re going to be a well-used opportunity that will benefit our students and the companies where they go on to work.”

Learn more and enroll in the new bootcamps here