Mauricio Villa works on a smart parking sensor during the most recent IoT bootcamp.

CNM Ingenuity’s Internet of Things Program Signs Five-Year Product Testing Agreement with City of Albuquerque

The agreement will allow IoT students to get real-world experience and will help the City move forward with a number of efficiency and safety projects
May 04, 2022

Over the past several years CNM Ingenuity’s Internet of Things bootcamp and the City of Albuquerque have partnered on several projects that allow the students to test their developed technologies while simultaneously helping the City improve services. 

Examples include a solar-powered trailer that students developed to provide mobile WiFi for anyone needing internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic, and smart sensors students developed for trash trucks to help city engineers identify problematic potholes. 

Now, Albuquerque and CNM Ingenuity are proud to announce a five-year extension of this collaboration that will allow for continued product development and smart city solutions.

“We are continually impressed by the IoT bootcamp participants and look forward to continuing our partnership with CNM. It’s really amazing to see what the participants are doing,” says City of Albuquerque director of the Department of Technology and Innovation, Brian Osterloh. “The creativity and skill that each cohort brings to their innovative solutions allows us to confidently put aside any assumptions of what cannot be done, and focus on supporting the technology that can provide value to our community.”

The CNM/City of Albuquerque partnership is also receiving national attention after Albuquerque won the Education category of the fifth annual Smart Cities North America Awards (SCNAA) thanks to its work with the IoT bootcamp.  

According to SCNAA, “the awards were designed to recognize the progress North American municipalities have made in executing Smart Cities projects, as well as providing a forum for sharing best practices to help accelerate Smart City development in the region…winners in the SCNAA illustrate best practice examples of how forward-thinking municipalities are effectively leveraging technology and innovation to offer new services and economic opportunities and to meet the needs and expectations of citizens and residents.”

Brian Rashap, the lead instructor for the IoT bootcamp, says he’s thrilled about the award and excited about what the continued partnership means for both the City and the students. 

“This partnership creates a truly invaluable experience for our students to be able to work on real-world problems and round out their education,” he says. “And at the same time we’re excited about helping the City of Albuquerque pilot a number of smart and innovative structural and environmental projects.”

One of the Digital Art IoT projects currently under development.
One of the Digital Art IoT projects currently under development.

Upcoming and ongoing IoT and City of Albuquerque projects include: 

  • Parking Solutions: this project uses sensors embedded in the pavement to detect whether a parking spot is occupied. That information can then be sent to an app so both the City and users know how many open spots are left in a particular lot. Sound sensors are also being installed to detect the noises associated with car break-ins so that the police can be alerted. 
  • Digital Art: this project combines smart sensors with art to create interactive installations around the City that serve to brighten public spaces and act as marketing tools for local tourism.
  • Wind Turbines: this project will install small turbines in city spaces that can capture the wind created by passing vehicles. That wind will then be used to create electricity that can power air quality sensors. 
  • Search and Rescue Beacon: IoT students already have a working prototype of a beacon that can be dropped by drone and used to help local law enforcement and search and rescue teams locate anyone who’s lost in the surrounding areas around Albuquerque.  

Learn more about the IoT bootcamp. The next bootcamp runs June 21 – August 26 and the application deadline is May 21.