All of CNM Study Abroad group at their home base in Antigua, Guatemala with Volcan de Agua in the background

Did You Know CNM Has a Study Abroad Program?

Nine CNM students from various disciplines traveled to Antigua, Guatemala in August where they immersed themselves in the country’s rich history and culture
October 17, 2023

For many students, the logistics of traveling internationally may be overwhelming. But with the help of CNM’s study abroad program, nine students recently traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, where they learned about modern and ancient Guatemalan history, culture, and traditions.

“The impact of taking a trip like this is huge for students,” says Dr. Brandon Morgan, Latin American Studies Instructor and Associate Dean of CNM’s School of Liberal Arts. “Having the opportunity to be immersed in a place they have studied and do things like practice speaking Spanish with native-speakers and tour an active archaeological dig site add an entirely new dimension to their learning experience.”studyabroad2.jpg

Nine CNM students were chosen to travel with Dr. Morgan and Dr. Jessica Craig, a Latin American Studies and Anthropology instructor, to Antigua for nine days this past August. During the trip they toured a Mayan weaving co-op and visited an active Maya archaeological dig site.They also stayed with host families, giving them a more authentic look into day-to-day life.

For Michael Barker, a Spanish and History student at CNM, this trip has been a long time in the making. He originally applied to study abroad back in 2019, but the trip was canceled because of the COVID pandemic. It all worked out for the best, however, because Michael experienced a once in a lifetime moment while in Guatemala.

“I’m most interested in the history of Guatemala during the Cold War, and while we were there, Bernardo Arévalo, the son of the first Guatemalan president to be elected in a democratic election (during the Cold War period), won his presidential election,” Michael explains. “This was a historic moment in Guatemalan history, people were dancing in the street, and I was there to experience it. So it’s safe to say that I’m not sad the trip was canceled the first time.”

Similarly, CNM Anthropology student Elisabeth Covell came back from the trip feeling more motivated than ever.

“This trip truly lit a fire in me,” she says. “As an older student and returning student, it showed me that all of the things I put off doing were not nearly as scary as I thought. I came back feeling so much more confident and reassured in myself and my studies,” she says.

As they reflect on their experience, both Michael and Elisabeth want to encourage other students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities at CNM.

“Just go for it,” Michael says. “Don’t think of the barriers as barriers, but as an opportunity to embrace the challenges that come with immersing yourself in a different country.”

“This is an experience that can’t be mirrored,” Elisabeth says. “If any part of the trip sounds fun, just jump in feet first because it’s an experience that will truly change your life.”

Interested in studying abroad? Fill out this interest form (CNM email address required) for the Mexico City trip that Dr. Morgan and Dr. Craig will be taking during the 2024 Fall Intersession Term! Please contact Dr. Morgan at [email protected] or Dr. Craig at [email protected] with any questions.