For Nearly 20 Years, This CNM Advisor has Helped Support Students and Build Community

Miles Kulas loves to guide students through their education journey
June 18, 2024

Navigating college can be hard. But that’s where Miles Kulas comes in. For almost two decades, he’s been helping CNM students as an instructor, tutor, and most recently as an Academic Advisor ensuring they feel supported as they find their path.

In his current role as an advisor, Miles helps both new and returning CNM students choose a course of study, pick classes, explore transfer options, and more. He also continues to teach Integrated Reading and Writing and Adult Basic Education English courses.

“It’s so rewarding to work with students who are motivated to take the next step in their education,” Miles says. “But the process of coming back to school can sometimes be challenging or overwhelming, and that’s when I step in to remind students that they can reach the finish line.”

In both his roles, Miles enjoys engaging with students from various backgrounds and personalities.

“All of the elements of being an advisor and instructor fit really well with my strengths and personality,” he says. “I also know the work I’m doing makes a difference in students’ lives, which makes it that much more impactful.”

Along with advising and instructing students, Miles also works create a supportive and inclusive environment for LGBTQIA2S+ colleagues and students. 

“It took me a long time to come out and it was a hard process for me, but it also helped me be more fully myself,” he says. “I’m glad that I have the opportunity through the committee and my career here at CNM to show people that there aren’t as many differences between us as we may think.”

Looking towards the future, Miles wants to continue to support and connect with students as much as possible.

“The knowledge students receive during their time at CNM is of course important, but a key part of my role is making sure students feel supported and heard along the way,” he says. “There are so many resources for students that they may not know even exist, and I want to keep connecting students to those resources for as long as I can.”