Find Out How CNM'S Pharmacy Technician Program Helped this Grad Break Into the Medical Field

When Farzana Gauba enrolled in CNM’s Pharmacy Technician Program at 43 she wasn’t sure what to expect. Now, she’s a full-time pharmacy technician at Lovelace Hospitals
March 10, 2023

When Farzana Gauba came to CNM she was nervous about entering as an adult learner and receiving instruction in English, which is actually her fourth language. But fast forward to today and Farzana has not only completed the Pharmacy Technician program but is also a successful Pharmacy Tech at Lovelace hospital. 

“I love my job and on my first day I felt so well-prepared because of the training I received at CNM,” Farzana says. 

Farzana originally came to Albuquerque after her family immigrated from Pakistan to the United States in 2013. After taking care of her mother-in-law and children for several years she decided it was time to get a college degree. CNM was the most affordable and flexible option, and she decided to pursue a Pharmacy Tech degree because she could take her lifelong interest in understanding how medications are made and quickly turn it into a career. 

Although Farzana feared she couldn’t keep up in class because of language barriers (she speaks Hindu, Urdu, and Arabic), she received lots of support from her instructors and immediately found her place at CNM.

“I was so nervous my first semester,” Farzana explains. “But my teachers were always so supportive and they made learning fun.” 

After completing her Pharmacy Technician certification in May 2021, Farzana went on to earn her Pharmacy Technician associate degree in May 2022. 

Over the three years she was in school, Farzana had several clinical rotations. While she was stationed at Lovelace, she was offered a job as a pharmacy technician and has been there ever since. 

And this is just the beginning for Farzana. She plans on taking CNM Ingenuity’s Medical Coding and Billing Course soon to help further her career. 

“I’m ready for a new challenge,” she says. “And if I can complete the Pharmacy Technician program, I know I can do this too.”

More than anything, Farzana is thankful for the support and connections she has at CNM. 

“My advice for anyone who wants to go back to school is to give CNM a try,” Farzana says. “Everyone is so helpful, it’s affordable, it’s just a great place. I promise you won’t regret coming to CNM.”