For This Second-Generation Student, CNM is a Family Affair

Isabella Sedillo’s dad attended and now works at CNM, and she’s following in his footsteps
August 11, 2022

Isabella Sedillo jokes that her dad, Miguel Sedillo, should be hired as a CNM spokesperson. He attended the college and now works in the Connect Services department and anywhere he goes he tries to recruit new students and employees.

His love for CNM also rubbed off on Isabella, and now she attends the college and works here, too. She’s studying Engineering and is a staff member in the Assessment Center on the Westside Campus. Like her dad, she says CNM has changed her life.

“This school has given so much to my entire family,” she says. “My dad got an education and found a career here, and I know that my education at CNM will also set me up for whatever I want to do in the future.”

Isabella says her success at CNM is thanks in large part to the strong sense of community. 

“No matter who you run into and work with on this campus, they’re respectful and helpful,” she says. “Everyone here wants you to do your best work.”

Financially, Isabella says CNM has been a lifesaver. The college helped her dad keep his job, even through the pandemic, and both she and her dad have been able to get an education without going into debt. Isabella’s little brother is also scheduled to attend CNM and plans to study Fire Science.

Going forward, Isabella says her dad has plans to get his bachelor’s degree so he can become an academic advisor.

Isabella plans to continue her studies as well. She’ll get her associate degree and then wants to get a bachelor’s degree at an out-of-state technical school where she plans to study engineering and physics.

The ultimate goal? She’s long loved cars and says she wants to study these fields so she can help design the cars of the future. She already has ideas about how to make gas engines more efficient.

“I’m pretty excited about my future,” she says. “CNM has set me up for success and I know the training I get here will help me make a difference in the future.”