Graduates of CNM: Gareth Miller

Gareth is an Army veteran and Pre-Law graduate who plans to pursue a law degree so she can serve her community and follow in the footsteps of her dad
April 21, 2022

Gareth Miller has dedicated her life to being a champion for others, first through her military service, and now as an aspiring attorney. 

After serving seven years in the United States Army and New Mexico Army National Guard, Gareth was inspired to attend CNM’s Pre-Law program by her father, a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office in Taos.

“My father is my hero. To me, he was like Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird and I wanted to carry the mantle,” Gareth says.

Gareth’s mother also worked in the legal field as a paralegal and Gareth says her parents actually named her after “Sir Gareth,” one of the knights of King Arthur’s legendary Round Table. That might sound like a lot to live up to, but for Gareth, it’s a name that’s proved to be surprisingly fitting.

“Attorneys originated from knights of medieval times who would go to battle for whoever hired them. So, I wanted to be a modern day, female knight,” Gareth says. “And since we don’t have knights on horses or in shining armor anymore, lawyers and attorneys are like our knights.”

Gareth has gone the extra mile to maintain her position on the Dean’s List every semester for the last two years and is also a member of the prestigious honor society Phi Theta Kappa. But it’s the support she’s been able to receive through programs like Veterans Upward Bound and her student job at TRIO Support Services that she credits with helping her succeed.

“My time as a student employee at TRIO has been invaluable,” Gareth says. “I was able to update my resume and brush up on my office skills, as well as meet some amazing students and work with some amazing people.”

Gareth knows how daunting it can be for non-traditional students returning to school after a long hiatus. Still, she encourages anyone interested in advancing their education to give CNM a shot. She also urges current students to take advantage of CNM’s many resources and scholarships.

“CNM is a wonderful college and there are so many resources available to students,” Gareth says. “Do not hesitate to ask for help because the faculty and staff at CNM are willing to help anyone regardless of their situation.”

Although leaving CNM feels bittersweet for Gareth, she’s excited to be one step closer to becoming an attorney. Gareth graduates next month with an associate degree in Pre-Law and is set to attend UNM in the fall where she plans to major in Philosophy with a concentration in Pre-Law. Eventually, she hopes to work as an attorney in criminal law or maybe even civil rights law.

“What I love about the law is that it evens the playing field,” Gareth says. “Justice is for anyone regardless of their station in life and the law is constantly evolving. As society evolves and changes, the law evolves and changes with it.”

Ultimately, Gareth hopes she can make her community, and especially her family, proud.

“I have three wonderful children who are a constant source of inspiration, and I hope that one day they see me as their hero in the same way that my father is my hero,” Gareth says.