How a 12-Week Data Science Bootcamp Helped This Student Launch a New and Lucrative Career

The bootcamp was an effective and affordable way for Joseph Olonia to get in-demand training that allowed him to secure a high-paying job almost immediately after graduation
September 01, 2022

Joseph Olonia has an analytical mind.

“I’m always finding patterns, and I’m always thinking to myself that there has to be a better way to break down and organize whatever information I’m looking at,” he says. 

He found data and analytics work at a call center, but that job offered no room for advancement, so eventually he decided to enroll in CNM Ingenuity’s Data Science Bootcamp. In 12 weeks, Joseph learned the fundamentals of this growing field, and within six months of graduating he’d found a data science job with Emera Technologies, a Canadian energy company. 

His official title is Data Architecture Coordinator and he’s helping Emera make their residential solar technology more efficient. The job is exciting and engaging, and Joseph now makes enough money that his wife, who was also at the call center, can stay home with their kids. 

“I tell everyone who’s interested in the Data Science bootcamp that the camp has a huge impact without forcing them to make an overwhelming time investment,” he says. 

According to recent data, the need for data scientists has skyrocketed over the past couple  years. Applicants for the CNMI bootcamp will need some background in coding, statistics, and the field they plan to enter (business, healthcare, energy, etc.), but will come out eligible for jobs that often start at $75-$125K in the Albuquerque area and $140K nationally.

The field of data science deals with everything from data management to machine learning and is currently being used in everything from the movies Netflix recommends to self-driving cars.

“Here in Albuquerque, data scientists are in high demand,” says Kyle Lee, the Chief Executive Officer at CNM Ingenuity, which oversees the Deep Dive program. “Some businesses know they need to invest in data science and are hiring recruiters to find employees any way they can. Other businesses haven’t come to that realization but soon will.”

Joseph couldn't agree more. As a data scientist here in New Mexico he sees huge amounts of potential, both among students and businesses.

“There are so many businesses just here in Albuquerque that would benefit from the work of data scientists, and even in my circle I know lots of people who have the same kind of analytical mind as me and would not only excel in the Deep Dive bootcamp but also excel in their field after they graduate,” he says. “The future is bright here in New Mexico.” 

The next Deep Dive Data Science bootcamp starts Sept. 26 and applications are due Sept. 7. You can learn more and register here.