How CNM Helped This Grad Build a Rapidly Growing Machine Shop

Andrew Morford and his dad do essential work for a host of clients including Sandia National Laboratories
April 06, 2023

For Andrew Morford the saying “like father, like son” could not be more true.

His dad worked as a machinist for decades and loved his job, so after Andrew graduated high school he enrolled in CNM’s Machine Tool Technology program.

In the program Andrew learned the basics of blueprint reading, metal extraction, Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM) software, and how to operate manual and automated machine tools. He quickly realized that hands-on work suited him, too.

“In every class I learned or did something that directly applies to what I do now, and I absolutely loved it” he says. 

After graduating from the Machine Tool Technology program in 2016, Andrew worked at several different companies and also got the chance to work side-by-side with his dad. They worked so well together that at one point they decided to do overflow work for their employers back at their home shop. 

“We would go to work together during the day, and then we would come home and work together again,” Andrew laughs.

Eventually, Andrew and his dad built such a good reputation for themselves that they started doing overflow work for Sandia National Laboratories. At that point, they decided it was time to turn their side hustle into their full time job.

They officially opened their business M-Tech Machining in early 2020. Andrew and his dad felt uncertain about the future of their business because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. But their partnership with Sandia National Laboratories gave them the boost they needed. 

“A couple months into the pandemic we got a letter from Sandia saying we were considered an essential business and we were expected to continue to produce parts as needed,” Andrew says.

Since then, M-Tech Machining has grown rapidly. Last year they purchased a facility to house their 10 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and have hired about nine full-time employees. Andrew’s mom also plays a critical role as M-Tech Machining’s bookkeeper. 

Looking forward, Andrew anticipates that business will only continue to increase, especially with the expansion of the aerospace industry in New Mexico. He says he’s thankful every day for the inspiration he received from his dad and for the training he received from CNM.  

“Looking back, I can see that much of my success is directly related to my time at CNM,” he says.