How CNM Ingenuity is Helping Colleges Create Cost-Effective Coding Bootcamps

By licensing its highly successful and well-tested curriculum, Ingenuity has already helped several colleges launch their own well-attended programs
April 26, 2022

Over the past eight years, CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Coding program has trained nearly 800 participants who’ve collectively earned an estimated $55 million in total wages and have gone on to start dozens of businesses. Based on that success, Deep Dive started licensing its curriculum to other schools, businesses, and organizations that wanted to create similar economic opportunities in their areas.

That licensing program started with Doña Ana Community College in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and has now expanded to Texas. Amarillo College recently became the newest institution to use the curriculum. They launched their first coding bootcamp in January of this year. 

“We trained Amarillo's staff and instructors last fall, and they were able to create a bootcamp in just months,” says Andrea Sisneros-Wichman, CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Coding Program Director. “They were great to work with and the program is already a success.” 

CNM’s Deep Dive Fullstack Web Bootcamp was the first offering. This 10-week, 40 hours per-week bootcamp teaches the coding skills needed to meet the needs of modern web application development, including technical tools such as JavaScript, React, Node, Express, MySQL, Git, and Docker. Deep Dive also offers Internet of Things and Rapid Prototyping, Data Science, Digital Media, Java + Android and User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) in its licensing portfolio.  

Included in the license is everything needed to get a bootcamp program off the ground including tools such as:

  • “How-to” documents to help programs hire and train bootcamp staff
  • Tips on coaching and professional development for participants
  • Infrastructure documentation to help programs identify, install, and configure the necessary technology
  • Instructor training
  • Sample schedules and lesson plans
  • Lecture notes, assignments and grading rubrics
  • Community partnership methods and agendas

Because technology evolves so quickly, Deep Dive is also committed to providing ongoing updates to the curriculum to ensure new programs like the one in Amarillo stay up to date. In addition to the program skills, the licensing program will also teach bootcamp students important soft skills such as project management so they’re fully prepared to enter the workforce after they graduate.  

Kyle Lee, CNM Ingenuity CEO, says one big reason Deep Dive has been successful in New Mexico and is now finding success in other states, is because community involvement and industry partnerships are built into its design. 

“One of the components of Deep Dive that makes it special is its continuous engagement with industry and business in the community,” Kyle says. “Each community that implements the Deep Dive program will be exposed to how those relationships are built, and they can take Deep Dive’s excellent curriculum and tie it to their local needs, making relationship-building a prominent part of the experience and course work.”

CNM Ingenuity is excited to offer the curriculum to other schools and organizations throughout the country and several have already reached out. 

“If you’re a school or a community organization looking to address anything from the skills gap to unemployment, we can jumpstart you on that path,” says Mary Gallivan, the Executive Director of Program Management for CNM Ingenuity. “You’ll get to leverage all of our experience and all of our tools and we’ll teach you how to be successful.”

If you or someone you know is interested in licensing the Deep Dive curriculum, you can find more information here.