How CNM's Digital Media Marketing Program Helped One Local Company Stay on the Cutting Edge of Business Development

Miguel Rodriguez got his marketing certificate at CNM and now works with his wife at their local business
November 28, 2023

After originally attending CNM 13 years ago, Miguel Rodriguez went on to start a career in the retirement and investment industry. But when his wife Laurene Rodriguez, founder of Mariposa Marketing, brought him on to grow their company he decided to return to CNM for a Marketing certificate.

“I knew plenty about operations and logistics but I realized I needed marketing knowledge and strategies, and I needed them quickly!” Miguel says.

Laurene already had a relationship with the Marketing program as a guest speaker, so she recommended it to Miguel.

“I was working full time at Mariposa but it was very easy to incorporate the Marketing program into my regular schedule,” Miguel says. 

He and Laurene have three children, and the ease of fitting his schooling into their busy work and family lives was essential. 

“I think that’s what CNM has built itself around and really excels at giving people the ability to go to school without having to stop their lives,” he says. 

Miguel is now the head of a small team at Mariposa and recently encouraged one of his employees to complete the CNM Marketing certificate as well. 

“It was great. We found ways to incorporate the class lessons into our work strategies in real time,” he says. 

At their business, Miguel and Laurene are committed to hiring younger employees fresh out of school. They have a passion for employing and empowering Albuquerque’s Gen Z population as future entrepreneurs and leaders. 

“All of our employees are Gen Z,”  Miguel says. “We really want to give these young people a leg up in the business.” 

Miguel says he was impressed to find similar values present at CNM.

“There were students in the class who were in their early twenties, students who were primarily Spanish speakers, all there learning the same marketing essentials I was, all equally inspired,” he says. 

Going forward, Miguel and Laurene are excited to keep up their relationship with CNM. 

“The college has reached out to us to help them gauge what the current trends and needs are in the marketing world, and we’re very happy to have that relationship,” Miguel says.

Just like CNM, Miguel says Mariposa believes that staying on top of the changing world of marketing will be a boon for the future generation of New Mexicans making their way in the world of marketing.