How Human Resources Became a Passion for This CNM Student

Diana Borrero wants to make a difference in a field that affects us all
July 29, 2022

For many people, studying Human Resources does not sound like fun. For Diana Borrero, however, it’s how she plans to change the world.  

Diana came to focus on HR because both her dad and stepmom are immigrants and work at a hotel with an HR department that’s not very efficient. Trying to get anything done via HR can take a very long time.

“They often have to wait days, weeks, even a month to get questions answered,” she says. 

That will not be the case when Diana is in charge of her own department or HR firm.

“I want to study HR so that I can make it more efficient and make a difference for the employees,” she says.

To make sure she’s well trained, Diana is currently studying Business Administration at CNM. She actually completed most of her coursework as a high school dual-credit student and will just need two terms as a college student to receive her degree. Tuition and textbooks are free for high school dual-credit students, who take CNM classes that count for both high school and college credit.

As a dual-credit student, Diana learned some hard lessons, but those lessons have set her up for success.

“I came into my college classes and had to really work hard and learn some important lessons,” she says. “I learned to not overestimate my abilities and to ease into things that are hard. I learned that even if I’m not immediately good at something I can eventually get there. And I learned how to be organized.”

Next, Diana plans to attend the Anderson School of Management at UNM and focus on Human Resources Management. After that she’s also considering a Masters of Business Administration. 

All of this is a big deal not only for Diana, but also for her family. She’s the youngest person in her family and will be the first person to officially graduate from college.

“I’m excited about my own future and I’m excited about the ways I can help as many people as possible be comfortable and efficient in the workplace,” she says.