How One Runner’s Endurance Feats Are Benefitting CNM Students

For the second year in a row, Adam Trubow is running over 100 miles through the mountains to raise money for the CNM Foundation
August 18, 2022

Last year Adam Trubow ran over 100 miles in the Silverton Ultra race in Colorado as a way to raise money for causes he believes in. His campaign, which is called 100 Friends for 100 Miles, raised $22,410 for the CNM Foundation and the money went on to support many different CNM students. Those students received scholarships with no strings attached and they used the funding to finish degrees and certificates that helped them on their way to their professional goals. 

 Now, Adam is back at it and will be participating in the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run this coming weekend. He’s calling this edition of his 100 Friends for 100 Miles fundraising campaign the “‘Run it Back” challenge and aims to raise money for students who are coming back to school to further their education or working to overcome a personal hardship.

“I want to help provide a second chance for students who have not been able to stay in school or had economic hardship.” he says. “Providing financial support will allow them to breathe easier and focus on school.

Adam’s overall fundraising goal for 2022 is $30,000, which is a nod to the CNM Foundation’s 30-year anniversary.

Adam, who also owns TAL Realty, a successful real estate investment firm, says he’s proud to support CNM because he knows how the college has enriched the lives of thousands of people throughout New Mexico. “The most bang for your buck is through CNM,” he says. “A lot of programs at CNM act as strong catalysts for growing our economy. Supporting CNM benefits us all.”

You can support Adam’s “Run it Back” campaign here, and below you’ll find more information about several of the CNM students who received scholarships funded by last year’s campaign.


Ciera Rocco—Nursing, School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety

Ciera is pursuing a career in healthcare so she can help the community where she was born and raised. “Nursing is a career choice that requires helping the most vulnerable population who cannot help themselves,” she says. The 100 Friends for 100 Miles campaign helped her kickstart her degree. “Here at CNM I have been given the opportunity to pursue the career that I know is right for me.” When she completes her program at CNM, Ciera plans to enroll at UNM to get her bachelor’s degree in nursing. “My education at CNM is extremely important to me.”


Millicent Lindsay—Nursing, School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety

Millie is a single mom with two kids—one in high school and one in college. Currently, she works at an assisted living facility and goes to school at the same time. CNM is helping her advance her healthcare career. “I want to take my education to the next level to help people,” she says. “My goal of becoming a nurse is so that I can help others and be a role model for my children. The financial assistance CNM provided will lighten my financial burden and will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses. Thank you again for your generosity as I continue to learn and advance in my field... I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.” 


Amalia Diaz Regan—Surgical Technology, School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety

Amalia is a returning student and a parent of four children. Going back to school was not easy and she says the scholarship she received made a big impact. “As a parent of four kids, my schedule can be hectic. This scholarship provides a great deal of help for me and my kids and puts me one step closer to providing a better future for them. It also helps me reach the career I’ve always wanted. Since my return to school, every day has felt like a step towards a brighter tomorrow. My family and I are truly grateful.”


Adrianna Hernandez—Pre-health Sciences, Pre-Nursing, School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety

Adrianna Hernandez is a first-generation college student and working toward her associate degree in Pre-health Sciences with concentrations in General Health and Pre-Nursing. Currently, she is studying for the HESI A2, an exam for entrance into the Nursing Program offered at CNM. Adrianna is determined to further her education and looks forward to any opportunities in the future.“The process has been challenging but also very rewarding,” she says.


Dwight Sanchez—Welding, School of Applied Technologies 

Dwight Sanchez is a father of three and a hard worker. He recently welcomed his latest kid this month. He’s currently working toward an associate degree in Welding. “I’m currently in my third term and excited to complete the program and find a better paying job to support my family.” Dwight chose welding as his career because he knows there will be jobs as global infrastructure continues to grow and as the generation before him starts to retire. “I’m driven to take the torch and lead the next generation of welders to continue the skilled trade,” he says.