How This CNM Ingenuity Instructor is Helping the Next Generation of Real Estate Agents Succeed

Michael Glass lives by the motto “making dreams a reality,” and he’s using that motto to help his students find fulfilling careers in real estate
May 16, 2023

Michael Glass knows that a well-trained real estate agent can make a big difference in someone’s life by helping them find a great home. That’s why he spent 20 years in real estate and now teaches the Real Estate Pre-Licensure classes at CNM Ingenuity.

“I came to CNM back when it was TVI and I really enjoyed my time,” he says. “I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to come back and teach.”

Before Michael became an instructor he was also a mortgage broker and then became a qualified broker in 2005. As a qualified broker, Micheal can work with real estate clients, as well as own and operate a real estate brokerage. 

Michael still works with a few of his own real estate clients today, but his main focus is teaching. As the instructor for CNM Ingenuity’s Real Estate Pre-Licensing series, Michael helps students prepare and feel confident when they go to take their real estate licensing exam.

"I love helping students not only learn the material, but also feel confident that they can, and will, pass the test,” Michael says.

During the quick 10-week series, Michael guides students through the three, thirty-hour courses that students need to fulfill the requirements to take the licensing exam. The series is entirely self-paced, but Michael has started offering weekly virtual sessions to help with comprehension and retention. 

“My favorite part of teaching is seeing people hit their stride and understand what it takes to be successful,” he says. “Having the weekly virtual sessions really helps my students succeed.”

Even though he’s just getting started at CNM Ingenuity, Micheal sees an exciting path ahead of him. 

“In five years I still want to be at CNM teaching, and I hope to also eventually work with my students side-by-side once they become real estate agents,” Michael says. “That would really bring my goal of making dreams a reality come full-circle” 

The next Real Estate Pre-Licensing cohort through the New Mexico Real Estate Academy starts on July 10. Register today!