Meet The First Deaf Student to Graduate from CNM Ingenuity’s CDL Program

Gloriann Gurule is paving the way for other deaf and hard of hearing people to pursue a career in truck driving
April 25, 2023

Gloriann Gurule comes from a family of truck drivers, so it was only a matter of time until she joined them on the road. As a deaf person she knew there would be some barriers along the way, but with the help of CNM Ingenuity’s CDL program she graduated with her Class A CDL license in March and is now ready to start her trucking career. 

“The Ingenuity program is amazing, and I feel very well prepared to go on the road,” Gloriann says. 

Before Gloriann could earn her Class A license she had to find a program that was both affordable and inclusive, and CNM Ingenuity quickly proved to be the best choice. 

“I chose Ingenuity’s program because of the availability of an interpreter,” she says. “Most private CDL schools don't provide an interpreter, but CNM Ingenuity does, which made it an easy choice.” 

Once she started her classes it didn’t take long for Gloriann to hit her stride. She picked up concepts quickly, and even surprised her instructors when she explained that she knew when to shift gears based on how the truck felt instead of relying on how the truck sounded. 

In fact, Gloriann sees her deafness as an advantage since her other senses are heightened. 

“The truth is that deaf people have better eyes than hearing people,” she says. “I am very visually sensitive, and that is, of course, useful when you’re driving.”

Now that she’s graduated from the program Gloriann is considering her trucking career options and has already set another goal for herself to own a semi-truck in five years. Gloriann’s success in the program has also helped inspire other deaf and hard of hearing people to enroll in the program. 

“Gloriann is the first deaf student we’ve had in the CNM Ingenuity CDL program, but she will not be the last,” says CNM Ingenuity’s Senior CDL Program Manager Shanna Sanchez. “Another deaf student is enrolled in our current cohort. Gloriann really opened the door and helped us create a template to help future students.” 

More than anything, Gloriann wants to encourage others who are deaf or hard of hearing to not let their disability keep them from dreaming big. 

“I realized quickly that there weren’t as many barriers as I thought there might be, and doing this showed me that I could do a lot more for myself as a deaf person,” Gloriann says. “My biggest piece of advice is to not let anything stop you.”