Need Help With a Paper? The Virtual Writing Center Is Here to Help

The Virtual Writing Center connects students with experienced writing tutors and works on a flexible schedule
July 12, 2022

CNM students juggle class, work, family, and social obligations, so it can be difficult to find the time to meet with a tutor. That’s where CNM’s Virtual Writing Center comes in.

The Center is an asynchronous form of tutoring, which means students can access help on their own schedule. Students submit work anytime via email and then receive feedback from an experienced writing tutor typically within 24-48 hours.

“It’s a really great option for students who aren’t able to come to campus or have some other type of scheduling conflict,” says Katrina Crespin, the Virtual Writing Center Coordinator.

Tutors are available to help students writing about any subject and with any kind of academic paper including essays, research papers, or annotated bibliographies. The Center can also provide help with resumes, cover letters, professional/academic correspondences, letters of intent, and general questions regarding the writing process or grammar rules.

“We actually get a lot of submissions from students in programs like nursing and biology,” Katrina says. “Even if it’s not for an English class, it’s still important to use the correct format, cite your sources, and understand paragraph structure.”

Over the past two and a half years the Center has seen a surge in demand for virtual tutoring services.

“When the pandemic happened, we started advertising our services a bit more, and since then we’ve really seen an uptick in the number of submissions we’re getting,” Katrina says.

Students who submit their papers to the Center can expect to receive advice about grammar, writing mechanics, structure, organization, continuity, and effectiveness, along with positive feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Even students who are confident can use the Center to take their writing to the next level.

“A lot of our students are repeat customers,” Katrina says. “Maybe the first time they submitted a paper it was required for their class—but then they got good results, so they continued coming to us for tutoring.”

As the Virtual Writing Center continues to grow, they’re hoping to partner with CNM’s School of Adult Basic Education to better serve students in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. They’re also excited for the start of the Fall Term and want to encourage students to take full advantage of their services.

“Although there are other tutoring centers that students can use, the Virtual Writing Center is free, we’re local, we’re here, we’re real people, and we would love to help,” Katrina says.

Learn more about the Virtual Writing Center today.